2012 Mayor Report

Mr. Ota Hora,
mayor of Kazabazua.

According to the dispositions of article 955 of the municipal code, it is with pleasure that I inform you of the financial status of the Municipality of Kazabazua.

Financial Statements for the year 2011: the municipal auditor, Janique Ethier, CGA has audited the financial year ending December 31, 2011 and showed an accumulated surplus for $ 33 675.89. The forecast is a unaffected surplus at the end of the year 2012 the amount of $ 378 564.00, which could be allocated for the purchase of a grader and reinvested in the construction of the municipal garage without increasing taxes. Why such a large surplus, the reason is that the excise tax 2010, 2011 for an amount of $ 252 376.00 was received, in July 2012 a payment of $ 63 094.00 was deposited in the account the municipality and another to be expected in December for an amount of $ 63 094.00. An amount of $ 39,900 from MP Stephanie Vallée will be received for the year 2012.

The municipality is very healthy financially.

In the name of your Council, I invite you to join us for a Special Meeting to be held December 18, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Centre. Presentation and adoption of the 2013 budget is on the agenda. We look forward to welcoming you in large numbers.

Treatment of municipal officials: the mayor receives a base salary of $ 7,272.00 and expense allowance of $ 3,636.00. Councilors receive a base salary of $ 2,436.00 and expense allowance of $ 1,200.

Awarding contracts 2012: according to the law, the list of contracts over $ 100,000 that were awarded in 2012 is available for consultation through our website KAZABAZUA.CA direct link leading to the website of SE @ O. A contract was awarded this year of a value of more than $ 25,000 and less than $ 100,000 on behalf of Blasting Ritchie.

Public Security: in accordance with guidelines of the Ministry of Public Security fire cover plan was adopted by the Council and is now in process to comply with the plan. An agreement was signed with the Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood (Danford) for the fire protection of their municipality. Other agreements will be negotiated with the municipalities of Lac St-Marie, Low and the City of Gracefield.

Roads: The road works budgeted for $ 351,618.31 this year was performed as described in the excise tax programming and the 2012 budget.

Health and well-being: We continue to offer services at the library such as immunization clinic from the CLSC. The CLSC continues their visits every second Wednesday afternoon.

Economic Development and Tourism

Ongoing project of the preservation and renovation of the first building of Council meetings, Aylwin Town Hall. A committee was appointed by Council to see to the execution of this project. Addition of the Cultural Center and Library is completed thanks to grants received and investment of the municipality.

The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the municipality was a great success thanks to volunteers and community participation.

In 2012, the municipality has made a municipal park with the help of students from Lower Canada College in collaboration with Solisterra. Work remains to be done to beautify the park, such as planting trees, flowers, benches for relaxing, space for picnic tables and a municipal parking lot.

Volunteers «Village des Ainés de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau » continue planning. The municipal tax credit was authorized by the Ministry, the project is going forward. The municipality has granted an annual appropriation of $ 10,000 for 5 years and will subsidize 10% of rent for a period of 5 years. 16 units are planned for Phase 1.

Investments: The municipality will tender for the construction of the municipal garage in 2013. This garage will be located behind the office of the municipality of Kazabazua and will be used for storage and maintenance of all vehicles and municipal supplies. Planning the purchase of a grader and other road equipment is also in process.

Planning: In 2012, the municipality signed a contract with an urbanism to rewrite all the by-laws of the municipality in accordance with the Planning Scheme of the MRCVG which is also being rewritten. Mr. Danny St- Jean was hired for the position of Building Inspector.

Recreation: The rink is open to the entire community and creates a place for entertaining, large and small.

Assessed Value: The total assessed value of real property for the 2012 fiscal year to date is $ 126,211,800. A new role has been filed with the municipality for 2013-2014-2015 for a total value of taxable property $ 130,588,600, to consult the role, you can do so during the opening hours of the municipal office.

Thank you! Based on the importance of team work, I take this opportunity to acknowledge the support of our MP, Stephanie Vallée, and the Member of Parliament, Mr. Mathieu Ravignat, the MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and local center of development. All the council members, employees, committees, organizations, volunteers and our team of volunteer firefighters for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. It was an absolute pleasure to have served this community as mayor during the past year.

Let us be thankful for the legacy our ancestors left us! Kazabazua is moving - get involved in making it a better place to live!

My best wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity.
Ota Hora, Mayor

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