Credit: John Boyd / Library and Archives Canada / (R-000133, R-000136)
Loading pulp aboard a freight train at Kazabazua Station, in 1924.
Kazabazua : one of the oldest municipality
of the Gatineau Valley
The little Kazabazua river that gave its name to the municipality.

The history of Kazabazua starts at the beginning of the 19th century with the arrival of the first colonists in about 1835. The sector was then known under the patronym of "Hoganville", the name of the first family of pioneers, Hogan. Later joined by Gabie, Chamberlain, and Pritchard.

A score of years later, the Township of Aylwin was created then set up as a municipality on January first, 1862. It is one of the oldest municipalities of the Valley of the Gatineau. The name was selected to honour the judge and politician Thomas Cushing Aylwin (1806-1871).

The post office inaugurated the same year bore however the name of Kazabazua. This term comes from Algonquin kachibadjiwan which mean "hidden waters", "water running underground" or "water passing under rocks" and by extension: "underground river".

The image of local topography is from the bridge on Route 105, which spans the river; from this point it is possible to observe the river disappear under ground. The resurgence occurs approximately 30 meters downstream; the river runs out in rapids and passes under a natural stone bridge once again.

Although it was in use before the creation of the municipality, the name Kazabazua was not recognized as such in 1932 to indicate the village. And still, it was only in 1976 that it became the legal name of the municipality and then replaced that of the "Township of Aylwin". In Kazabazua today one may find buildings with patrimonial value of which are the Old Mahoney Flour Mill, the Trinity United Church, the church St-Stephen, the Ronald Rochon House as well as St. Andrew’s Anglican Church.

The Kazabazua Hotel, which had been inaugurated in 1868, was famous in the Outaouais and surrounding areas and known by the name "The longest bar in the Gatineau". It was destroyed by fire in July 2002.

The Kazabazua River and the plains which it crosses are among the natural attractions impossible to circumvent which make up the pieces of the municipality.

The plains of Kazabazua appear among single geomorphologic phenomenon in Quebec. It is made of dunes and peat bogs inside of which are many listed rare and threatened vegetal species. The formation of the dunes would be due to a wind activity on the sediments, left by the withdrawal of the Champlain Sea in this sector, more than 7,500 years ago.

The linear Park of the Valley-of-the-Gatineau crosses most of this plain and offers hikers a good trail and at the same time a strange and rich curious natural spectacle.

Moreover, in 2001, a citizens group set up a veteran’s commemorative park, in honour of ex-servicemen, in the center of the village. In the Village and its surroundings, are some restaurants, snack bars along with a grocer and other small trade and artisanal shops.

Source : Sogercom.com and MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau
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